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Withdrawals and refunds

Withdrawing from courses

What you need know before you withdraw from a class

UFV recognizes that students may need or choose to withdraw from courses for a variety of reasons. To avoid academic or financial penalties, it's important to understand how withdrawals work.

Impact on your grades

  • If you withdraw before 30% of the course has passed, the withdrawal will not appear on your transcript at all.
  • If you withdraw after 30% of a course has passed, you will receive a "W" on your transcript. A "W" is not an academic penalty and doesn't count towards your GPA.
  • In most cases, you are not able to withdraw from a course when 60% of the course has passed, calculated from the Monday of the week the course starts. 

For full details, see the Course Withdrawal Policy 81 on the Secretariat website.

Impact on the tuition you pay

Each semester, the Office of the Registrar establishes a clear timeline for course withdrawals. For example, there is a "last day to drop courses to get a 100% refund," and there a certain time-frame when you can withdraw from a course and still receive a 90% tuition refund. It is your responsibility to be aware of the dates each semester.

See dates and deadlines 


*Trades and Technology programs, please email the Office of the Registrar at to withdraw.
*International students should see international tuition refunds and policies for withdrawal deadlines and refund information.  
*Continuing Education students should see Continuing Education refund policy for withdrawal deadlines and refund information.


How to withdraw from a course

To withdraw from a course, use myUFV. Go to Registration dashboard > Register for classes > Select the appropriate term > Choose the withdrawal option from the drop-down menu in your registration summary.



Tuition Refunds

How to request a refund

Refunds for domestic students are processed by request in the Office of the Registrar. Refunds are issued by cheque and are mailed using Canada Post. If you have a credit on your account and would like it refunded, you may request a refund following these steps:

  1. Using your myUFV student email account, email
  2. Include:
  1. Your name
  2. Student number
  3. Current mailing address
  4. Request (e.g. “Please refund my $200.00 deposit)

Receiving your refund will take approximately two to three weeks. Requests that do not contain all required information may be delayed until the information is received.

International students

If you would like a refund, please complete this refund request form.

Transferring your refund to your campus card

If you would like to transfer your refund from your student account to your Campus Card, you may do so using the Cascade Cascade Cash Transfer Request.  You  can use Cascade Cash for Bookstore purchases, printing fees, and/or food purchases on campus. Please email the completed form from your myUFV student account to Funds transferred to, or currently on your campus card, may not be transferred to your student account.

Tuition refund schedule

Refunds are calculated on course tuition, not the registration deposit. For example, 10% of the total course fee is charged (not refundable) in the first two weeks of classes. See dates and deadlines for current refund schedule.