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School of Education

Meet with an advisor

Why meet with a School of Education academic advisor?

Academic advisors are available to:

  • discuss your educational goals
  • help you with program and course planning
  • discuss career planning
  • point you to academic and wellness resources at UFV
  • review program and graduation requirements

Please note that School of Education academic advisors only advise for programs within UFV's School of Education.

Applicants should:

1. Demonstrate information literacy skills (e.g., researching the UFV Academic Calendar and program webpages).
2. Include specific questions in their appointment booking notes (use the search feature on the UFV website to see if your question has already been answered, or try our FAQs)
3. Email transcripts to after booking their appointment (for the BEd program, except for current or returning UFV students)

All communications with the UFV School of Education can be considered part of the admissions process. Admission may be denied to applicants who communicate, or act, in an unprofessional or disrespectful manner.

Find your academic advisor

The School of Education is moving to UFV's redeveloped Mission campus this summer. For July & August, School of Education advising appointments will be offered virtually while we complete our move.

Bachelor of Education academic advising

See a School of Education Advisor for the BEd program if you:

  • are currently in a bachelor’s degree program and have already completed 90 credits
  • have already completed a four-year degree and wish to apply to the Bachelor of Education program
  • are conditionally admitted or admitted to the Bachelor of Education

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Good to know

You may want to check out our BEd info session options or review the BEd FAQ

Early Childhood Education academic advising

See a School of Education Advisor for ECE programs if you:

  • are conditionally admitted or admitted to the Early Childhood Education programs
  • are a current or returning UFV student considering applying to the Early Childhood Education programs

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Future Students
(not admitted to UFV)

  • If you are a prospective domestic student, meet with a Future Students Office student recruiter to explore program options and start your application.
  • If you are a prospective international student, contact
  • Please note that the BEd program is not open to international students.

Qualifying Studies

You do not need an appointment to:

  • Request a pay-per-credit
  • Confirm your graduation completion
  • Request a letter confirming your enrolment for a sponsoring agency

Please email your request to from your UFV student email account, including your name and UFV student ID number, and we will get back to you by email in 5 to 10 business days. For all other concerns, please book an appointment. 



 Safety first!

Your safety is extremely important to us which means that we will not conduct appointments with you when you are in a moving vehicle.

Prepare for your appointment

To ensure you make the most of your appointment, follow these tips.

Reschedule/cancel your booking

Please do your best to provide 48 hours advance notice.