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School of Education

ECE mission statement

UFV’s Early Childhood Education Mission

UFV’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) faculty believe that:

  • Working with children and families is an honour.
  • Every child is unique, with their own special gifts and strengths.
  • It is important to be mindful and intentional when guiding children through diverse new experiences.
  • Play and place-based activities are needed to support the development of the whole child.
  • Our work is relational as we work with families to meet the developmental needs of children and support their well-being.
  • Learning from and with local Indigenous nations is critical to understand how to take care of our surroundings and learn from different worldviews.
  • Celebrating the many cultures that make up our community, taking care to reach out to our local communities, and inviting community members into our spaces is vital.
  • We walk alongside as children explore their environments, try new skills, and build friendships.
  • Prioritizing the building of safe and inclusive environments where everyone feels they belong; we create spaces where each child brings their unique perspectives, experiences, and personalities as they come together as a community.

Students in UFV’s ECE courses:

  • Actively experience firsthand how to build safe and inclusive environments, while learning how to meet the developmental needs of children.
  • Learn to guide alongside in a way that values and builds on the strengths and interests of each child.
  • Learn how to communicate with children and families as professionals in an ethical way that values the gifts that come with each family.
  • Learn how to integrate different cultural perspectives and Indigenous worldviews in their activities.
  • Involve engaging activities that enable children to explore the world outside the classroom, recognizing that the land itself can be a teacher.
  • Explore how the First Peoples’ Principles of Learning inform our planning and support every child.

The integration of practicum experiences and supportive seminars ensures that students have powerful experiences in the field working with children and families. UFV’s ECE programs have faculty who “practice what they teach,” ensuring that graduates of our programs are prepared to meet the needs of children and families in local communities.