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Policy Development

Policy review and approval process

View flowcharts of the Administrative and Senate policy review and approval process here:

Request a policy modification or deletion

To submit a request for a new policy, modification, or deletion of an existing policy, please complete the Policy Request form and submit it to the Secretariat office at We encourage submitting a request form at the beginning of the review process. The Secretariat is also available assist you with the development or review process. 

Develop a policy

New university policies may be developed as required in accordance with the powers and duties of the Board of Governors, Senate, and the President as prescribed in the University Act, and in compliance with legislative and other legal requirements. Refer to the link above to get started.

Draft a policy

Review the appropriate language and style recommended for writing a policy.

Prepare for consultation

These are procedures for the policy propononent, when wide consultation is requested. 

Launch an approved policy

This describes the role of the Secretariat and policy proponent, once a new or revised policy is approved.