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Records and Information Management

The University of the Fraser Valley Records Management (RM) program is operated by the University Secretariat in consultation with UFV's Legal Counsel, IT Security, Library, and various units across campus. UFV's RM program also takes into account ARMA International General Record Keeping Principles and relevant ISO standards.

The mission of the Records Management program is to provide a unified approach to record and information management at the university. Employees of UFV create, receive and use recorded information in the normal course of our day-to-day work activities.  These records—in all formats and media—constitute a valuable university asset that must be managed like any other asset.

University records:

  • provide evidence of transactions and decisions
  • ensure services are delivered in a transparent and accountable fashion
  • document statutory, regulatory and policy compliance
  • provide evidence of legal obligations between the institution and others
  • establish and promote institutional identity and tradition
  • maintain an institution's corporate memory

Managing university records is a shared responsibility. All faculty, staff, volunteers, and members of the Board are responsible for managing the records and information under their custody or control. UFV's Records Management program is here to provide the tools, advice and guidance to support departments and units in managing records as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Robust records management, developed within a framework that includes privacy and information security, enables effective business processes, access to information, privacy compliance, and the preservation of the university’s institutional memory.

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