Personal Information Bank

Personal information banks (PIBs) are descriptions of personal information under the control of UFV that is organized and retrievable by an individual's name or by a number, symbol, or other element that identifies that individual. The personal information described in a PIB has been used, is being used or is available for an administrative purpose. The PIB describes how personal information is collected, used, disclosed, retained and/or disposed of in the administration of a institution's program or activity.

The following is a list of Personal Information Banks at UFV pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  Each PIB includes: 

  • Name and location;
  • Legal authority for its establishment;
  • Type of information maintained within the bank;
  • How the information is used on a regular basis;
  • Who uses the information on a regular basis;
  • Categories of individuals whose information is within the bank; and
  • Retention and disposition requirements (in progress)

The index is still under development. Further personal information banks will be added as they are identified.


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