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Graduate Studies Committee

Meeting information

2023-24 GSC membership list

Agendas and minutes

Meeting schedule and agenda deadlines 

Guidelines for Submission to GSC

Terms of reference

The Senate Graduate Studies Committee shall provide the Senate with advice and recommendations concerning graduate program development, and policies and standards that relate to graduate studies.

Terms of reference

Course and Program approval

General Regulations for Graduate Studies

Approval processes and flowcharts

Course development

Program changes

New programs

Academic Calendar

Calendar deadlines

Approval processes

Procedures for Graduate Course and Program Approval

GSC approves the approval processes for new and revised undergraduate courses and programs. The procedures document is an appendix to the Graduate Course and Program Approval policy (209), and contains several charts and flowcharts, which are also provided below for quick reference.‌


Program changes

New programs

Course development


For changes to exisiting courses, please request a Word version of the current outline from Copy all relevant information to the new form, then turn on Word's "track changes" feature before making revisions.

Learning outcomes

Relevant policies

Program changes

Proposals for changes to existing programs should include a rationale memo, calendar copy, and any other relevant supporting documents. The desired implementation date should also be included.

To prepare the calendar copy, please copy text directly from the current Academic Calendar into Word and edit using the "track changes" feature. Only relevant sections of the calendar copy need to be included.

Memo Template

New program

New program proposals should be developed in consultation with Program Development and Quality Assurance (PDQA).


Procedures & Guidelines 

Learn about conducting formal meetings, procedures for membership, video conferencing, preparing submissions for Senate and Senate Governance committee, and more. 

Nicola Mooney

Associate Professor

School of Social Justice and Global Stewardship

Abbotsford campus, D3432

Phone: 604.504.7441

email Nicola


Zina Lee

Director, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice

College of Arts

Abbotsford campus, A203N

Phone: 604-557-4081

email Zina

Administrative Support

Tracy Morrison, BA


Manager, Operations

Research and Graduate Studies

Abbotsford campus, G290h

Phone: 604-864-4639

email Tracy