Upgrading and University Preparation

Fees & costs

Adult Basic Education courses are tuition-free for domestic students

As a domestic student, you don’t have to pay tuition when you register for Adult Basic Education courses.

Are there other costs involved?

Yes. Although tuition is free, you are responsible for textbooks, classroom supplies, parking, and ancillary and other semester-based fees.

The Student Union Society (SUS) Health and Dental Plan fee is charged to students who are enrolled in nine or more credits. It is charged in the fall semester only, but provides coverage from September to August. Students may opt out if they have equivalent coverage with another health plan. If you have questions about the Health and Dental Plan, please contact the Student Union Society.

Is there funding available to help with these other costs?

Yes. The Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) is available to qualifying students to help cover the cost of fees, textbooks, supplies, and other costs. Applications must be submitted to the Financial Aid office at least four weeks before classes start. You can also contact the Financial Aid office to find out what other grants and funding may be available to you.

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Upgrading through UFV was absolutely the right decision for me. I could get my foot in the door at a wonderful university, and despite having not yet completed high school, I feel like a real university student! The upgrading courses are fun and have a relaxed environment — allowing you to thrive and flourish academically.

  • – Hayley Westwood
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