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Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair

Judging process

Thank you for your interest in judging at the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair. If you haven't already registered, please do so through our online registration system or email us at

Your assignment will be based on your area(s) of expertise:

  • Biotechnology
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering & Computing Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences

When you arrive at the FVRSF, please report to the judging table located inside the gym where you can meet your judging teammates. You will be provided with your judging assignment, judging schedule, and judging forms when you arrive. Divisional Award Judging Tally Sheet

Although you are part of a judging team, you will conduct your project interviews individually. Once you have conducted all of your interviews, meet with your team and compare your rankings, fill out the final judging forms and give them to the volunteers at the judging table.

‌Our Philosophy

Many students have been working hard for many months in preparation for this fair, and they will find their discussions with you to be a highlight of their time at UFV.  Many students look up to their judges as role models – as the type of student or scientist they would like to become. While this is a competitive science fair, our first priority is that all students have a positive judging experience.

Your role as a judge is not only to evaluate the merit of the projects, but also to provide helpful, constructive feedback as an expert in your field.  Please acknowledge the strengths in each project you visit and phrase suggestions constructively. Many students are disappointed if they receive only positive feedback and yet do not win a gold medal; please do provide constructive feedback that will give the student some idea of how the project might be strengthened.

Evaluation Criteria

The judging criteria is derived form the criteria applied to the Canada-Wide Science Fair:

Scientific thought (50%): The judges will evaluate the scientific thought in the design, analysis, and interpretation of the work.  New and original experimental research will receive higher marks than projects that duplicate existing work. 

Originality and creativity (33%): The judges will determine whether the project shows a novel approach and uses creativity in its design. Did the student think outside of the box to answer the research question or develop a new prototype, or was there limited imagination put into the project? 

Communication (17%): Communication is evaluated based on four components: the visual display, the oral presentation, the project report with background research and the logbook. It is important to note that the project report is not mandatory at the FVRSF. The display, report, and logbook should be logical, self-explanatory, complete, and reflect the student’s scientific skill.  The oral presentation will be evaluated based on the student’s enthusiasm, ability to effectively communicate findings, and ability to answer questions. Remember that the students will show their scientific thought and creativity through their presentations

There are several types of projects, challenge categories and grade levels. Read more about this >


Gold, silver and bronze ribbons, and recognition ribbons will be awarded to the overall best entries in each age category.

As well, entries to the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair are eligible for Provincial Awards. The British Columbia Provincial Awards Program is administered by the Science Fair Foundation BC and is available to all participants of British Columbia Regional Science Fairs. Learn More about Provincial Awards >

Special Awards sponsored by our generous Award Sponsors may be judged by representatives from the organization sponsoring the award, or judging teams assigned to the Special Award, depending on the award. These prizes include scientific apparatus, merchandise, scholarships and cash awards. See the List of Special Awards > 

The top Regional Science Fair entries will be awarded the Grand Award: an expense-paid spot on Team GVRSF to the Canada-Wide Science Fair, a week-long event held in a different Canadian city each year. Learn More about Team FVRSF >

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