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Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair


Information for Students

Science Fair projects come in all shapes and sizes, covering topics from ecology to computer science. The Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair welcomes projects from students from kindergarten through grade 12, from public and private schools to homeschoolers in our region.

There are three main types of projects you can do:

  1. Experiment: This is traditionally the most common type of science fair project. A winning exhibit of this type should involve an original scientific experiment to test a specific hypothesis in which the young scientist recognizes and controls all significant competing variables and demonstrates excellent collection, analysis, and presentation of data.

  2. Study: This type of project involves the collection and analysis of data from other sources to reveal evidence of a fact, situation, or pattern of scientific interest. This could include a study of cause and effect relationships or theoretical investigations of scientific data. A winning exhibit in this area must be able to demonstrate that the methods used to obtain the original data involved sound scientific techniques and controls, and demonstrate insightful analysis.

  3. Innovation/Invention: A project of this type would involve the development and evaluation of new (or significant improvements to existing) devices, models, techniques or approaches in fields such as technology, engineering, or computers (both software and hardware). A winning project should integrate several technologies, inventions, or designs and construct an original innovative technological system that will have commercial application and/or human benefit. It must demonstrate how the innovation was designed or developed on the basis of a sound understanding of the scientific, engineering, or technological principles involved.

Student Resources:

The Science Fair Mentorship Program

Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair General Information Booklet (pdf)

Ethics Flowchart pdf (pdf)

Ethics Questionnaire

Science Fair - Student Resources

Simply Science Fairs: designed to help students achieve success in developing science fair projects.

Guide to Completing your Science Fair Project (pdf)

Your Ultimate Canadian Science Fair Resource

Also be sure to check out the other resources on our website as well as the endless information on the internet and your local library.


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