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About UFV

Faculties and Colleges

College of Arts

The College of Arts offers a variety of programs in the humanities and social sciences. An education in the arts can open the doors to a variety of professions, including business, teaching, law, public service, non-profit agencies, and more.

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Faculty of Access and Continuing Education

The Faculty of Access and Continuing Education offers flexible study options for programs and courses that fit your lifestyle, pace, and goals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your skills, transition into a university degree program, further your career, or pursue personal interests, we offer a variety of programs to get you started.

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Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies

The Faculty of Applied and Technical Studies offers skills training both as Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) programs and Apprenticeship programs. Programs are designed to provide hands-on training that simulates workplace experience in UFV Trades and Technology Centre’s well-equipped labs and shops.

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Health Sciences programs at UFV are recognized for high standards of practice, advanced educational technologies, and student-centered learning. Programs incorporate extensive practicum learning experiences and advanced simulation technology designed to equip you for the workplace.

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Faculty of Professional Studies

The Faculty of Professional Studies offers a wide variety of high-quality professional programs and is comprised of the School of Business, the School of Social Work and Human Services, and other departments, including Computer Information Systems, Teacher Education, Adult Education, Aviation, Library and Information Technology, and Child, Youth, and Family Studies.

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Faculty of Science

Science programs at UFV are designed to enhance critical thinking abilities, integrating facts and observations with experimental knowledge and reasoning. Science disciplines include biology, chemistry, computing science, mathematics and statistics, physics, physical geography, and engineering.

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School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies currently offers a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Master of Social Work. Several programs are in development with tentative start dates slated for 2017, including a Master of Finance, a Master of Integrated Sciences and Technology, a Master’s degree in Migration and Citizenship, and a graduate certificate in Program Evaluation.

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