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Safety and Security

UFV Floor Wardens

Floor wardens are UFV employees trained to guide the UFV community during emergencies. They also help prevent unsafe conditions in their area and encourage co-workers and students to participate in emergency drills.

Floor warden responsibilities

Knowledge of assigned area and emergency procedures

  • Be familiar with your assigned areas, including areas of refuge, to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation of building occupants in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • Participate in orientation and training opportunities.
  • Participate in regular drills.
  • Participate in post emergency assessments.


Be an advocate for fire prevention and floor safety

  • Regularly check your assigned areas for accumulation of combustible materials.
  • Regularly check for dangerous ignition sources.
  • Report malfunctioning exit signs and check for adequate lighting in public areas.
  • Ensure that exit routes are not obstructed.
  • Report any safety concerns or hazards to Safety & Security immediately.


To become a floor warden at UFV

The emergency management team approaches departments for volunteers to fill the floor warden role any time there is a gap in coverage for a specific building area. However, employees are encouraged to volunteer to become a floor warden for their department at any time. To do so, please email Safety & Security.

It is important the floor wardens stay up to date on emergency procedures and are aware of any updates or changes. Wardens are required to attend annual training in the fall but may request additional training for themselves or their department at any time. 

To request training, submit a ticket here: https://itservicedesk.ufv.ca/TDClient/229/Safety-Security-Portal/Requests/ServiceDet?ID=1510

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