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Safety and Security

Report a hazard

Safety & Security relies on you — UFV employees and students — to help us become aware of hazards on campus so we can respond effectively. If you notice anything unsafe or dangerous, our team is eager to hear about it.

Examples of hazards to report

  • An icy patch on a UFV walking path
  • A broken light switch or exposed wire
  • A wet floor
  • An area of campus that is poorly lit
  • A chemical that is not being stored safely
  • Something that might cause someone to trip and fall


How to report a hazard

  1. If the unsafe condition has the potential to cause immediate and serious harm, please call security right away at 1-855-239-7654 or local 7654.
  2. If the hazard or unsafe condition is in your work area, let your supervisor know and try to collaborate on a solution — whether temporary or long-term.
  3. Use the Report a hazard form to notify Environmental Health & Safety, even if you've found a solution. This helps us stay aware of patterns of unsafe conditions on campus and develop broader responses.

Report a hazard form

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