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Safety and Security

Working alone

There are some instances where individuals working alone or in isolation may face increased risks. According to WorkSafeBC's Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 4.20.1, working alone or in isolation is defined as working without readily available assistance in case of an emergency, injury, or illness. This includes individuals working remotely or alone on campus.

At UFV, the Working Alone or in Isolation (WAOII) Program aims to safeguard the health and safety of employees who work alone or in isolation. The university is dedicated to offering resources, training, and practices to support this program.

Working Alone or In Isolation (WAOII) Procedure

  1. Identify the employee working alone or in isolation.
  1. Assess the risks using the Risk Assessment Template.
  1. Review the Working alone or in isolation procedures with the employee.
  1. Complete the Employee Check Setup.
  1. Record the date, time, and method of the check-ins on the Check-In Record.

Security Check-In

If you work on campus beyond regular business hours (weekends, evenings, or holidays) the WAOII Security Check-in Procedure will confirm your well-being and provide assistance in an emergency. The frequency will depend on the location of your work, the potential risks involved, and the availability of assistance.

Security On Campus Check-In Procedure

When you arrive on campus, or when you recognize that you are working alone or in isolation:

  1. Contact the Security Operations Center at 1-855-239-7654
  1. Provide Security with:
    • Your name and location.
    • Your contact phone number
    • General nature of your activity (office work, lab work, etc.)
    • Potential hazards such as machinery, hazardous chemicals, etc.
    • The time interval when YOU will check in with Security
    • Estimated time of departure from campus.
  1. To avoid tripping any alarms, contact Security Operations Center to escort you out of the building. 

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