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Safety and Security

Working alone

There are risks associated to working alone, whether you work on campus or remotely. These risks vary, depending on your situation. Are you engaging with the public? Working far away from help in the case of an emergency? Using equipment that could cause injury? On campus after hours?

How UFV approaches working alone or in isolation

UFV's Safety & Security team has a clear set of Working alone or in isolation procedures designed to keep you safe if you're required to work alone or in isolation. This procedure follows details laid out in our Working Alone Program document.

What to expect if you need to work alone:

The Safety & Security team will:

  • be in touch with you to conduct a risk assessment and to give you an orientation to safe check-in and escalation procedures
  • connect with your supervisor to review the procedures they need to follow to help keep you safe


Your supervisor will:

  • follow through with regular check-ins and provide a weekly report using the Supervisor checklist form below
  • follow the escalation process if you are not reachable at check-in times


Working alone resources for supervisors

Establish and sign off on check-in process

Before any employees on your team can work alone or in isolation, you will need to meet and work through the Working alone supervisor sign-off form with each individual. Email these forms to for approval once they are complete.

Download the WAOII Supervisor sign-off form »

Perform daily check-ins and submit a report at the end of the week

You will need to record the date, time, and method used every time you check on your employee working in isolation and submit a report to every week.

Download the supervisor check-in report form »

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