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Safety and Security

Lost & found

Lost & found locations

Abbotsford campus: First floor, building B (B120) See Abbotsford campus map »

Chilliwack campus: See Chilliwack campus map »

  • First floor, building A (A1115)
  • Trades & Technology Centre: First floor, building T (T1108)

Lost & found reporting

Submit Lost & Found form

Or by phone, all locations: 1-855-239-7654 (local 7654)

If you lose an item

Complete the Lost & found form, phone our central security office at 1-855-239-7654 (local 7654), or stop by a Lost & Found office location.

Security will store found items for 30 days. After that time, UFV will donate all unclaimed items to a local charitable organization or discard them responsibly.

Lost your campus ID card?

Please report a lost campus ID card to security immediately (1-855-239-7654 (local 7654). If you're a Baker House resident and you lose your ID card, please notify Residence Services immediately at 604-557-4063 to de-activate door access. 

If your campus ID card is found, it will be returned to either the Campus Card office or Lost & Found. Someone from either department will try to contact you to let you know where your card is. After 90 days, your unclaimed card will be destroyed.

Contact the Campus Card office for more information on how to replace your card.

Stolen item?

If your item is missing and you suspect it has been stolen, please go to the Report an incident page and submit a security incident report.

If you find an item

Valuable items

If you find an item that's valuable or important (laptop, phone, keys, wallet, etc) please complete the Lost & found form or phone Security immediately at 1-855-239-7654 (local 7654) and ask for the item to be picked up.

Other items

If possible, please drop off the item you've found at one of our Lost & Found office locations, phone Security at 1-855-239-7654 (local 7654), or complete the Lost & found form.