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Safety and Security

Threat assessment team

UFV's Threat Assessment Team (TAT, for short) includes representatives from multiple departments across the university, including Safety & Security, Student Services, and others. The TAT reports to the Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President - Administration.

Role of the Threat Assessment Team

The TAT addresses threatening behaviour or incidents of violence through an objective fact-finding process and recommends management strategies to enhance the safety and security of the UFV community and UFV property. Early intervention is key in mitigating potential threats, and can also result in the successful activation of integral support services.

Contacting the TAT

If you're a member of the UFV community and you have a concern regarding a threat to the safety and security of UFV's community or property, your first step is to call the Security Operation Centre at 1-855-239-7654 (local 7654).

The Director, Safety & Security (TAT, Chair) or any member of Safety & Security can discuss concerns and can help you understand whether the TAT or a different UFV office should be involved. All reports of concern will be handled in a confidential manner.

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