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Safety and Security

Safety basics

Safety basics apply to every member of the UFV community. Brought to you by Environmental Health & Safety, these general safety programs are foundational to your wellbeing as you work and learn.


Refusal of Unsafe Work

If you have a reasonable cause to believe that performing a job or task would create an undue hazard to the health and safety of any person, you have the right not to perform that job or task.Refusal of unsafe work program

For questions and support, contact Safety & Security at ehs@ufv.ca


Setting up your work or study space

Everyone's role at UFV is different, but a safe and comfortable work set-up should be something we all have in common. Here is where you can learn how to set up your work or study area and how to stay safe and healthy whether you're on campus or at home. If something is not working right for you, our Environmental Health & Safety team is here to help you make adjustments and find solutions. Don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing ehs@ufv.ca.

Prevent work or study space injuries

Ergonomic workstation

Remember to move

Desk stretches to keep you healthy

Work or study safely at home

Remote work safety


If you experience pain or an injury

In a medical emergency, always call 911.

If you experience an injury or the onset of pain symptoms at work: 

  • Let your supervisor know
  • Get first aid if you need it
  • Report the incident to Safety & Security
  • Seek follow-up medical attention from your physician

Report an incident


Programs for your general safety & wellness

Violence in the workplace

UFV is committed to cultivating a community where employees and students can work and learn without fear of violence, which includes threatening behavior, written and verbal threats, harassment, verbal abuse, and physical attacks. Please report violence of any kind to your supervisor or security.

Scent awareness

Scented products can trigger health problems for many people. This is why UFV encourages our community to avoid wearing scented products or using scented items. Read about UFV's Scent awareness program

Campus wellness resources

Health & well-being workshops

Free workshops to support your physical, mental, and relational wellness — hosted by Health & Safety and Human Resources

Campus recreation

Athletic centres, drop-in sports, and fitness classes for UFV staff and students

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