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Safety and Security

Workplace inspections

General Inspections (Routine)

These are inspections of an entire work area or process. At a minimum, spaces need to be inspected once per year, but the frequency can be increased based on the risk of an area.

Who conducts general inspections: the local Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members, with support from the Safety & Security Office. Supervisors may participate in the inspections.

Inspection process:

  • Inspectors use the  CampusOPTICS inspections platform.
  • Inspectors log all corrective issues in CampusOptics and assign a ‘Responsible Contact’ to complete the ‘Corrective Issue’.
  • If a Hazard is identified which would cause immediate danger inspectors are to contact Security and the area supervisor for support.
  • Once the report is completed, it is sent to the area supervisor and reviewed at monthly JOHSC meetings.

Equipment Inspections (Routine)

These are inspections of specific pieces of equipment including vehicles, machinery, tools etc. Typical inspections include pre-use inspections and scheduled preventative maintenance. These are independent of the general work area inspections.

Who conducts routine equipment inspections: the worker that will be using the equipment. 

Inspection process:

  • Pre-use inspections are to be completed before each use (e.g., an operator using a forklift will inspect the forklift prior to operating it each day).
  • Each piece of equipment will have its own inspection checklist. Check with the area supervisor.
  • Preventative maintenance is to be completed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Informal Inspections (Spontaneous)

Daily, unplanned inspections take the form of continuous awareness of hazards.

Who conducts informal inspections: all individuals in an area.

Inspection process:

  • Identified issues are corrected when observed and reported to supervisors  to correct the issue.
  • There is no documentation required for this process, but in addition to reporting to the  supervisor, individuals are encouraged to report hazards through the Report a Hazard portal.

Safety & Security Inspections (Routine)

The Safety & Security team supports all areas with routine inspections including safety professionals to ensure that the scope of hazards captured is effective. Corrective action planning includes stakeholders from the inspected areas.

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