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Policy Type Approval date
244 – Sustainability Admin Oct 31, 2023


Recently revised


Policy Name   Type Approval Date
Animal Care (51)   Admin Jul 22, 2022
 Tuition and Mandatory Fee Waivers, Employee (111)   Admin Sep 22, 2022
Board Policy on Service Excellence (BRP-225.06)   Board Dec 1, 2022
Space Management (220)   Admin Feb 24. 2023
Board Evaluation (BGB 110.11)   Board Mar 30, 2023
Selling, Serving and Advertising Liquor (15)   Admin Apr 13, 2023


Policies under development

New policies

 Records Management  Admin
 Information Security  Admin
 Educational Services  Senate
 Academic Continuity  Senate
 Non-Academic Program Review  Senate


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