Incident Reporting & Investigation

UFV is committed to the health and safety of its employees and students. UFV strongly urges that all incidents be reported immediately to the Occupational Health and Safety office. To report any health and safety incident involving staff, students, tenants, contractors or visitors which occur on University owned or managed premises, or during the course of University organised activities (e.g. field trips) complete an Incident Report form and forward to or OHS, Risk and Safety (Abbotsford, B122).
This form should be used to report all first aid incidents; university work or premises related incidents and ill health; acts of violence (physical and verbal abuse and threats to staff, serious incidents involving students); injuries arising from road traffic accidents while at work and non-injury incidents that had the potential to cause harm (dangerous occurrences or “near misses”). Please complete this form providing factual and accurate information only, and then forward it to the Occupational Health and Safety office within 24 hours of the incident.
Serious incidents must be reported immediately by calling Campus Security.  

The form should be completed by the affected person, their representative, or a witness to the incident. The timely and accurate submission of these reports helps UFV and the Occupational Health and Safety office to continually improve on safety and prevention measures. We appreciate your help.


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