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Safety and Security

Right to refuse unsafe work

Refusal of Unsafe Work

Workers have the right to refuse unsafe work.

If you have a reasonable cause to believe that performing a job or task would create an undue hazard to the health and safety of any person, you have the right not to perform that job or task. Your supervisor is required to immediately investigate any Refusal of Unsafe Work and complete the Refusal of Unsafe Work Investigation Report.

Refusal of unsafe work process

  1. Initial Refusal of Unsafe Work and Informal Investigation

    1. Worker reports the refusal to a supervisor immediately
    2. Supervisor and reporting worker investigate
    3. Supervisor may reassign worker to other tasks during the investigation
  2. Formal Investigation of Unsafe Work

    1. Refusal of unsafe work is not resolved
    2. Supervisor will contact EHS@ufv.ca who will have the JOHSC cochair assign a worker representative
    3. Investigation will include, the worker, JOHSC worker representative, supervisor, and employer support from Safety & Security
  3. WorkSafeBC Involvement

    1. If the unsafe work is not resolved the worker and employer are to report the refusal of unsafe work to WorkSafeBC


Please note: If the employer is working through the steps to resolve a work refusal, a written notice must be provided to any worker assigned or permitted to do the work that is subject to the work refusal using the above Refusal of Unsafe Work Investigation Report (link to PDF)

Refusal on unsafe work investigation report

Refusal of unsafe work flowchart PDF

Refusal of unsafe work program

For questions and support, contact Safety & Security at ehs@ufv.ca


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