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Financial Services


To request an advance, employees must complete an Advance Requisition Form. This form should be received at Financial Services at least three weeks before the advance is required.


  • Advances will not normally be issued when the estimate of expenses or amount requested is less than $500 or greater than $3,000. Situations with extenuating circumstances should be brought to the attention of Accounts Payable and will be dealt with on an individual basis.

  • Appropriate cost centers are not charged until an approved expense claim form is processed by Accounts Payable.

  • If a previous advance has not been accounted for by submission of the appropriate expense claim form, no further advances will be issued. Should an advance remain outstanding for a period greater than 60 days, the advance may be deducted from any subsequent expense claims that are submitted for reimbursement. Under extreme circumstances, and after all other options have been exercised, appropriate action will be taken as required.

Following Travel

Complete an Expense Claim Form supported by original receipts no later than 30 days following the expenditure. On the form, enter the amount of the advance under Less Advance:. Submit the form to Financial Services (A291).

Expense Claim Form

If you do not use the full amount of the advance the unused balance must be refunded to UFV by cheque within 30 days following the expenditure.


Requesting an Advance

Complete an Advance Requisition Form and submit to Financial Services (A291). The form must be received by Financial Services three weeks before the advance is required.

Advance Requisition Form

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