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Financial Services

Scotiabank Visa PCard

The UFV Scotiabank Visa Card (PCard) Program is based on the world’s most widely accepted credit card, Visa. It has been implemented to enable departments to make low dollar (up to $5,000) purchases and payments according to university purchasing policies and procedures. This program will significantly reduce the need for personal fund expenditures, petty cash, or reimbursements. 

The PCard Program is intended to work in conjunction with existing UFV policies and procedures and preferred supplier agreements or contracts. The PCard will have restrictions on specific types of purchases, merchant types and dollar limits to comply with public sector procurement requirements and to provide expenditure controls. 

Benefits include: 

  • Convenient and cost-effective method of making purchases up to $5,000 
  • Online reconciliation and coding of charges 
  • Reduced need for petty cash funds 
  • Improved management reporting of purchasing activities 
  • Reduced vendor payment time and volume 
  • Automated monthly upload of charges into the reporting system
  • No annual credit card fees 



The PCard handbook provides guidelines under which you may utilize your PCard and provides information about the process, the allowable and restricted purchases, records that must be maintained as well as other needed information. Your signature on the Cardholder Agreement Form indicates that you understand the intent of the program and agree to adhere to the guidelines established for the program.


Scotiabank CentreSuite

Scotiabank CentreSuite can be used to view the transactions posted to your Pcard throughout the billing cycle.  At the end of the cycle, login to view the transactions and ensure the budget and account codes are set properly.  You can then print a hard copy to be sent to your approver, and submit the statement electronically.



  • PCard Change - to apply for a credit limit change (permanent or temporary), cancel a card, change in reviewer



For general inquiries please contact the Purchase Card Services Team at

The Scotiabank Call Centre can be contacted 24/7 for telephone support.  They can help with:

  • Activating new cards
  • Resetting the PIN
  • Providing general account information
  • Cancelling lost or stolen cards
  • Processing disputes
  • Providing available balance information.

The phone number for the Call Centre is: 1-888-823-9657.

If your card has been compromised, the number for Bank Card Security is: 1-800-813-6602.