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Federal and Provincial Tax Forms

Federal and Provincial tax forms are to be completed at the start of employment and revised regularly if changes are required regarding your personal tax deductions. Your TD1 claim amount can be adjusted at any time by completing the TD1 and TD1BC forms below and re-submitting to Payroll.

If you have another job outside of UFV, you may only claim your basic personal amount at one job (typically the job where you expect to have the highest earnings). Please adjust your TD1 and TD1BC to ensure that sufficient tax is deducted (thereby possibly avoiding having to pay additional taxes on your income tax return). If you have a total claim amount above the basic personal exemption please make sure you review your claimed amounts in December or January each year as the Canada Revenue Agency modifies the TD1 form regularly and your eligible claim amount may change.

Tax forms

TD1 Form‌‌ (2022)

2021 Personal Tax Credits Return Form

TD1BC Form‌ (2022)

2021 BC Personal Tax Credits Return Form

Please contact the payroll department at if you have any questions. 

Worksheet TD1‌‌ (2022) A worksheet to assist in calculating partial claims on the 2020 TD1 form.
Worksheet TD1BC‌‌ (2022) A worksheet to assist in calculating partial claims on the 2020 TD1BC form.
Status Indian Tax Exemption Guidelines and Claim Form
Status Indian Tax Exemption Guidelines Status Indian Tax Exemption Guidelines
Status Indian Tax Exemption Claim Form Status Indian Tax Exemption Claim Form


T4’s on MyUFV:

Please be advised that your 2021 T4 is now available online through MyUFV along with all of your past T4's 

Please note that the Firefox browser has been problematic in viewing T4’s.  If you are using Firefox and your T4 does not open properly, try using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.  If your T4 still will not open, you may need to adjust your settings to enable pop ups. 

How to Print Your T4 Statement:


Log on

Log on to myUFV go Employee Section then click Tax Forms.



Select Slips for Income Tax Return, then select the down arrow. Click on the Year 20XX and select T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid.



Click on the down arrow at the end of T4 slip – 20XX UFV – full time original issued …”.*
Select View T4 or "Printer Friendly" to print in PDF format.

Print two copies - one for your files and one to submit to Revenue Canada when you file your income tax return for the year.

*You may have more than one T4, if you have worked as a non-permanent employee during the year and received a permanent position during the same year, you will have two T4’s. UFV has two registration numbers with Canada Revenue Agency and we must separate earnings for permanent and non-permanent employment. Amended T4’s will also be listed here.

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