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Expense Claims

Travel & Expense Claims

Travel and Expense Claim forms should be recorded on an approved University Expense Claim Form no later than 30 days following the expenditure.

Follow the below steps when completing the form and contact Accounts Payable if you need assistance or have questions.

How to Complete an Expense Claim Form:



Gather all original itemized receipts.  Original receipts must indicate:

  • The name of the vendor
  • The date the item(s) were purchased
  • The amount paid
  • The method of payment, for example, Visa or MasterCard, Amex, Debit or Cash
  • Proof of payment, for example, the point of sale slip showing the payment has been completed


Original receipts and vouchers must be stapled to the back of the expense claim form (no paper clips).

Make sure the Expense Claim Form is signed.

If expenses were incurred in a currency other than Canadian dollars, enter the exchange rate over the duration of the trip (please see www.bankofcanada.ca for average rates).

Proof of exchange rate (credit card statements) must be provided if the employee chooses to not use the Bank of Canada rate.



At the bottom of the form indicate the department budget and account code to be charged (see the Account Code List below for reference).

Account Code List



Sign the form under "Claimant" and have your appropriate administrator or designate authorize/sign. When the claimant is also the account holder, an approval at the next senior level must be obtained.

Submit the form to Accounts Payable, A291 for processing.  

Note: If this expense claim relates to In-Service PD, please submit to in-service_pd@ufv.ca.


Business & Travel Expense Procedures

Processing Time

Send complete and authorized claims to Accounts Payable, A291, claims may require up to 2 weeks from receipt in Finance for processing. Only expense claim forms that are complete and properly approved will be processed, incomplete forms will be returned to the claimant.

Unsupported Amounts

If an expense claim amount is not properly supported or adequately explained, the University may deduct the amount in question when paying the claim so that payment of the remaining expenses is not delayed. The claimant will be informed of the discrepancy and the expense item can be resubmitted on another expense claim when the matter is resolved.

For questions regarding your claim, please contact acctspayable@ufv.ca.

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