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Pay Periods

UFV has 24 pay periods per year with paydays being on the 15th and the last day of each month.  If the 15th or last day of the month falls on a weekend, the payday will be the Friday before the respective weekend.

  • Salaried Employees
    Pay periods are from the 1st through the 15th, and the 16th through to the last day of the month. There is no "time holdback", meaning on the 15th of the month your pay will include all time up to and including the 15th.
  • Hourly Employees
    Pay periods are generally from the 23rd of the last month to the 7th of the current month and will be deposited for the 15th of the month payday. The last day of the month pay period usually includes the 8th to the 22nd. These dates vary, timesheet employees should reference the ‌current Payroll Schedule‌ for a detailed listing of dates.

    *Important* Timesheets must be signed, approved and submitted to Payroll on the due date noted on the Pay Schedule (one week before the payday). Late timesheets will be paid on the following payday.

Timesheet and Payroll Schedule

Timesheets and our current payroll schedule are both found under Payroll Forms.  Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your supervisor to sign your timesheet before the due date.

Direct Deposit

Having your pay directly deposited to your bank account is significantly more efficient for you as well as for us.  Your direct deposit can be split into two separate bank accounts based on either a flat amount or percentage of total net pay.  Please complete the Direct Deposit Form and return to Payroll at the start of your employment and anytime changes are required to your deposit information.

Record of Employment

A Record of Employment provides information on employment history and is used by Service Canada to determine whether a person is eligible to receive employment insurance (EI) benefits, what the benefit amount will be and for how long the benefit will be paid.

Provided the proper paperwork has been submitted to Human Resources, the Payroll Division automatically issues an ROE to permanent employees who have terminated or retired and employees who are going on maternity or parental leave. All other ROEs must be requested by the employee (e.g.: Sessional Instructors).

To request an ROE, contact The following information must be included in the request:

  • Your first and last name
  • Employee ID number
  • Your department
  • Your home phone number
  • Your last day of work

All ROEs are submitted to Service Canada electronically. If you would like a paper copy mailed to your home address, please also indicate this in your email request. You can access your ROE online through your My Service Canada Account generally on the same day it is issued.

Please note that you can begin your application for EI benefits through Service Canada prior to receiving your ROE.

Learn more about applying for Employment Insurance benefits

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