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Financial Services

Setting Up Your Travel Profile


To start setting up your profile, visit Profiler Express and follow the steps below. Please note that the Concur online booking tool works best in Chrome or Firefox, please do not use Internet Explorer.

1. The first item you will be asked for is the Corporate ID.  This is used to link your account to the appropriate post-secondary institution.  The Corporate ID to be used is UFV.

2.  When asked to create the username and enter your business email, please use your UFV email address for all four fields.

3.  When you have clicked on Next after filling in your username, you will receive an email that will provide a link to complete your profile and create your password.

4.  When you have finished setting up your profile, you can now login to Concur with your username (your UFV email) and password.


To view more detailed instructions, download the ProFILER Express Instructions.


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