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Financial Services


The Employee Centre on MyUFV offers employees an online portal to view and update employee information, such as:

  • Payroll Information
  • T4/Tax Information
  • Expense Claim Pay
  • Parking Pass Application

Steps to Access Employee Information on myUFV:


Log on

Visit my.ufv.ca  and enter your username (your 9-digit Employee ID) and Password and click Login.

For information on your initial login to myUFV, please visit the ITS Employee Tech Guide and click on myUFV Employee Services.



On the Home Tab you will find Self-Service Links. Click on the Employee Centre link to open a new tab with the Employee Dashboard. Expense Claim Payment and Benefits are accessible via the Employee Information link.

Follow the below steps to view:
Pay Information

For pay stubs and pay information, click on Pay Information. In the expanded section, click on All Pay Stubs, Direct Deposit Information or Deductions History to view the respective section.

Expense Claim Payment Select Expense Claim Pay Stub, select the year and click Display.
Tax Forms

For Tax Forms, click on Taxes and then on Slips for Income Tax Return.

Vacation Balance

To view vacation balance, click the Full Leave Balance Information at the bottom of the leaves section. An overview is provided above for quicker reference, as well.

Earning & Deduction

To view earnings history, click on Earnings. Further breakdowns are available via the Earnings By Date Range and Earnings By Position links.

Benefits Select Benefits, Health Spending Account (HSA) or Development & Training (DTA)
Learn more about your Benefits
Parking Pass

To apply for a parking pass, click on Campus Services on the left-hand side bar on myUFV and follow the instructions in the Parking section.

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