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Web Time Entry

Web Time Entry is an online timesheet reporting system that will allow hourly timesheet employees to report and submit timesheets online, using any modern device – PC, mobile phone or tablet. This system will be available from anywhere with an internet connection, through the Employee Centre within MyUFV. 

The Web Time Entry Project was soft-launched on April 13th 2023.  The Payroll Department is in the process of transitioning hourly timesheet employees onto Web Time Entry.

As individual setup is required prior to employee’s ability to access and utilize this improved timesheet process, Payroll will be reaching out to eligible employees and their supervisors/approvers and provide support to transition onto the system over the next several months.  We encourage hourly employees and supervisors who approve hourly employees’ timesheets to review the documentation and videos in preparation of moving onto the new system.

New Tax Forms for 2023

If you had claimed any amounts others than the "Basic Personal Amount" on your 2022 TD1 or TD1BC forms please make sure you review your claimed amounts for 2023.  The new Federal TD1 and Provincial TD1BC are available at  If you are not sure what you should claim, please use the TD1 worksheet and/or TD1BC worksheet also available at this link. 

2023 Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance Rates:

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

For 2023, the maximum pensionable earnings are $66,600 and the basic exemption for the year is $3,500. The contribution rate for employees is 5.95%. The maximum an employee can contribute for the year is $3,754.45.

Employment Insurance (EI)

For 2023, the maximum annual insurable earnings are $61,500 and the EI premium rate is 1.63%, for a maximum annual premium of $1,002.45.

T4 Forms – All Years

All T4 forms for years up to 2022 are always available on MyUFV. 

For instructions on how to access your T4 please visit our Tax Information page and scroll to the bottom of the page.For assistance getting access/logging on to MyUFV please contact IT Services or 604-864-4610.

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