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Financial Services

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable facilitates the payment to suppliers and various expense reimbursement activities for UFV staff, faculty and vendors. Together with the Procurement Division, we support UFV staff, faculty, researchers and administrators through the entire procurement and payment cycle.

If you have questions we are here to help, please contact a member of our team or email us at

Cheques are prepared on a weekly basis, every Thursday. If you are planning to pick up your cheque at Financial Services, please note cheques are typically available after 11:00am on Friday. Requests for payments to be made outside of this timeline are to be directed to the Accounts Payable Supervisor.

Please note:  Missing or incorrect information may extend the processing time noted below

  Processing Times: For More Information:
Regular Vendor Invoices Reimbursement may require up to 2 weeks from the time the information is received in Financial Services.  Visit Vendor Payments for more information.
Expense Claims Reimbursement may require up to 2 weeks from the time the form is received at Financial Services. Learn more about how to complete an Expense Claim Form.
Cheque Requests Requests may require up to 2 weeks from the time the form is received at Financial Services. Please complete the form and return to Financial Services.
Advance Requests An Advance Request form should be received at Financial Services at least 3 weeks prior to the activity to ensure payment.  Learn more about requesting an advance.
Foreign Currency Payments Foreign currency payments require additional time for processing of bank drafts or wire transfers. Please contact to request a Wire Transfer Form.