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Mariano Mapili

Dr. Mariano Mapili

LTA Instructor, Geography and the Environment

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Dr. Mapili has geospatial expertise and technical capabilities in the analysis of environmental issues related to food and agriculture. His passion for GIS has resulted in the development and approval of several courses in GIS applications: Forensic GIS for crime mapping and analysis, Conservation GIS for wildlife, agricultural and land-use planning, and Business GIS for location and geodemographic analysis for business. Recent projects using spatial analysis include: a bumblebee pollination analysis for the purpose of bumblebee conservation, development of a methodology to identify land use in small farms in the ALR, a visualization of the changes in the distribution of invasive plant species in the city of Abbotsford. Aside from instruction, Dr. Mapili was a researcher in food, feeds and nutrient recovery from food and feed waste. He has developed a patented protein-enriched sweet-potato by-product feed for broilers and managed a mushroom laboratory. In addition, he developed a legume-based ice cream and managed a soybean ice cream project.

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