Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair


At the fair, you will need to present your project to the public (friends, parents, teachers and visitors) and to the judges. It is important to make sure your display area is well-prepared and organized so it is dynamic and represents what you have done. Visitors looking at your backboard should be able to quickly understand what the project is about, what you did, and what you concluded.

Be creative. You can use pictures, models, and even demonstrations as long as they fit within your display area and do not conflict with the ethics section and safety guidelines. Your poster should capture the most important parts of your project, and contain enough information to tell someone walking by what you did.

Each project will get a specific spot allocated for their display. Please build your display to the specifications below. No additional room will be given so ensure all your material fits within the allotted space.

Your project display must fit within the following dimensions: 1.1m (44in) wide x 0.8m (30in) deep x 3.5m (137in) high from the floor. The display must be free standing (stands up on its own). Three fold displays are the easiest, but other combinations are possible.

Non-free standing displays will not be permitted.

There are additional specific display requirements that are required when participating at the national level, Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). Projects created with the national Science Fair requirements will be accepted in the FVRSF, but are not required. Read more about the CWSF Prioject Display Requirements.

** PLEASE NOTE in addition to your poster you MUST have a log book and a maximum 5-page report.


‌‌Mac Smith and his project "Head Start" won gold at the Fraser Valley Regional Science Fair in 2017. He was also chosen to represent the Fraser Valley alongside Team BC at the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) the following month in Regina, Saskatchewan.

After Regionals he took all of his information from the original poster (with the guidance of his teacher and delegates from the FVRSF) and created his CWSF poster which is shown below.


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