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Expense Claims, Travel & Reimbursement

How do I submit an expense claim?

Expense claims should be claimed on an approved University Expense Claim Form no later than the 30 days following the expenditure and must be approved and authorized by the appropriate Signing Authority. For a complete list of our guidelines and procedures regarding expense claims including tips on how to minimize the processing time, visit Travel & Expense Claims.

For those who are claiming an expense for In-Service Professional Development funds, please review the Professional Development Guidelines before completing your claim.

What are the per diem rates and standard travel mileage?

For more information on travel mileage and the current per diem rates and guidelines, visit Per Diem Guidelines.

When are advance and expense cheques processed?

Cheques are prepared on a weekly basis, every Thursday.  Visit Accounts Payable for more information on cheque processing, payment times and pick up information.

What is the current rate of mileage?

As of April 1, 2018, the mileage rate is $0.54 per km.  For information on how to submit a claim for mileage, visit Travel & Expense Claims.

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