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Jelena Brcic

Jelena Brcic, PhD

Assistant Professor

School of Business

Abbotsford campus, C2406

Phone: 604-504-7441

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Dr. Jelena Brcic joined UFV in January of 2016. She obtained her PhD in Social and Personality Psychology at University of British Columbia and completed her postdoctoral work at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Her PhD dissertation examined how small, skilled, mission-oriented teams cope with working and living in extreme and unusual environments such as the International Space Station, field of combat, or tops of the world's highest mountains. Her primary research interests include group cohesion in extreme workplaces, as well as, the benefits of goal setting and autonomy to aid performance in those workplaces.

Dr. Brcic has also done work on subconscious priming and is interested in exploring the boundary conditions and theoretical explanations of how, if, and when priming influences behavior, more specifically consumer satisfaction and team performance. 

Dr. Brcic teaches courses in Organizational Studies and Human Resources.

Teaching Interests

Courses recently taught at UFV:


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I have a great appreciation for the professor who pushed me to get my CA designation. Isn’t it crazy how a little conversation can change your life so completely. Keith’s guidance alone has given me a lifetime of happiness and wealth. If I had gone to a larger university who knows if something like that would have ever happened. I am very proud of the route I took, but I wouldn’t have gotten there without my professors at UFV.

  • – Alex McAulay
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