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David Dobson

David Dobson, MBA, MSci

Associate Professor

School of Business

Abbotsford campus, C2440

Phone: 604-504-7441

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David is an applied researcher with a strong background in advanced analytics and marketing research. He brings over 20 years of industry and academia experience. He has held various research positions in both the public and private sector and has taught at various post-secondary institutions, including Simon Fraser University.

David is a SAS certified predictive modeler. His research interests focus on empirical analysis of social media marketing and green marketing on corporate profitability. He is a member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association and American Statistical Association. David regularly collaborates on applied research projects with local businesses/organizations and supervises business student research projects.  His students have won multiple research excellence awards at UFV.

Teaching Interests

Courses recently taught at UFV: 


Dobson, D.S., & Poels, K. (2018, August 30). An Exploratory Study on the Use of Message Frames in Canadian Mortgage Loan Advertisements. Paper presented at the Eighth International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship, Philadelphia, PA. 

Dobson, D.S., & Ulbrich, F. (2016, June 5). Introducing a Model for Measuring the Effects of Framing Environmental Claims on Willingness to Pay. Paper presented at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada 2016 Conference, Edmonton, AB.

Dobson, D.S. (2014, January/February). Questionnaire Design: Levels of Measurement and Statistical Method Choices. Vue (MRIA), 18-19.

Dobson, D.S. (2011). Understanding the Drivers of Academic Success in University Students. Paper presented at SAS Global Forum 2011 Conference in Las Vega, Nevada, USA.

Dobson, D.S. (2010). The Feasibility for a Master's Program in Business Analystics. Paper presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Dobson, D.S. (2010). Segmenting Textual Data for Automobile Insurance Claims. Paper presented at SAS Global Forum 2010 Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA. (Awarded Best Contributed Paper for Data Mining and Predictive Modeling section.)

Dobson, D.S. (2008). Customer Segmentation:  The Application of Data Mining for the Automobile Insurance Industry. Paper presented at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Dobson, D.S. (2003, September). Significance Testing:  How to compare the statistics of two independant samples. Imprints (PMRS), 26-27.

Dobson, D.S. (2003, July). Customer Comment Cards: Can they be a good method of service Quality Assessment?. Imprints (PMRS), 26-27.

Dobson, D.S. (2002, June). How to Measure the Performance of Trade Show Participation.  Imprints (PMRS), 8-9.

Dobson, D.S. (2001, July). Why do respondents refuse demographic questions?: "How to get the information you are seeking". Imprints (PMRS), 4-5.

Dobson, D.S. (2001, January). Does Sample Size Matter? Imprints (PMRS), 4-8.

Dobson, D.S. (2001). Measuring Customer Loyalty. Insight (Ipsos-NPD Canada publication), pp. 3-4.

Dobson, D.S. (2000, June). The ABC of Data Analysis. Imprints (PMRS), 48-53.

Dobson, D.S. (1998, February). Market Research on Customer Loyalty. Imprints (PMRS), 12.



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I have a great appreciation for the professor who pushed me to get my CA designation. Isn’t it crazy how a little conversation can change your life so completely. Keith’s guidance alone has given me a lifetime of happiness and wealth. If I had gone to a larger university who knows if something like that would have ever happened. I am very proud of the route I took, but I wouldn’t have gotten there without my professors at UFV.

  • – Alex McAulay
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