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Program types

A Bachelor's degree typically takes eight semesters of full-time study (that's four years if you take summer semesters off.)

A diploma is four semesters (two years) of full-time study.

A certificate is two semesters (one year) of full-time study. 

Programs A-Z

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UFV programs A to Z
Accounting — certificate
Activity Assistant — Continuing Education certificate
Administration — certificate
Adult Basic Education
Adult Education — bachelor's degree
Advanced Medical Office Assistant — Continuing Education certificate
Agricultural Science, Horticulture major — bachelor's degree
Agriculture Management — Bachelor of Business Administration degree
Agriculture Technology — diploma
Anthropology — Bachelor of Arts
Applied Business Technology — certificate
Applied Ethical and Political Philosophy — Bachelor of Arts
Architectural Drafting — certificate
Art History — Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts
Arts — Associate of Arts degree
Arts — Bachelor of Arts
Automation and Robotics Technician — diploma
Automotive Collision Repair and Refinish — certificate
Automotive Service Technician — certificate
Aviation — Bachelor of Business Administration degree
Aviation — diploma
Berry Production Essentials — certificate
Biology — Bachelor of Science
Bookkeeping for Small Business — Continuing Education certificate
Building Services Worker
Building Services Worker program
Business Administration — bachelor's degree
Business Administration — diploma
Business Administration — minor
Business Analytics — post-baccalaureate diploma
Cabinetmaking (Joinery) — certificate
Carpentry — certificate
Certified Dental Assistant — certificate
Chemistry — Bachelor of Science
Child and Youth Care — Bachelor of Arts
Child Life and Community Health — graduate certificate
Civic Governance and Innovation — Continuing Education certificate
Coding Skills — associate certificate
Communications — Bachelor of Arts
Computer Information Systems — bachelor's degree
Computer Information Systems — certificate
Computer Information Systems — diploma
Computing Science — Bachelor of Science
Creative Writing — Bachelor of Arts
Creative Writing — Bachelor of Fine Arts
Criminal Justice — Bachelor of Arts
Criminal Justice — diploma
Criminal Justice — Master of Arts
Culinary Arts — certificate
Current Agricultural Practices Essentials — certificate
Data Analysis — post-baccalaureate certificate
Dental Office Receptionist — Continuing Education certificate
Diaspora Studies — certificate
Digital Communication and Promotion — post-baccalaureate diploma
Digital Manufacturing — diploma
Early Childhood Education — certificate
Early Childhood Education — diploma
Early Modern Studies — certificate
Economics — Bachelor of Arts
Education — bachelor's degree
Educational Leadership and Mentorship — Master of Education
Electrician — certificate
Electronics technician — certificate
Engineering Common Core — certificate
Engineering Physics — diploma in mechatronics
English Language Studies
English — Bachelor of Arts
Environmental Studies (Natural Sciences) — bachelor's degree
Environmental Studies — bachelor's degree
Essentials of Journalism — associate certificate
Explore Trades Sampler
Field Vegetable Production Essentials — certificate
Fine Arts — Bachelor of Fine Arts
Floral Design — certificate
Floral Design — Continuing Education certificate
French — Bachelor of Arts
General Studies — diploma
Geographic Information Systems — certificate
Geography — Bachelor of Arts
Global Development Studies — Bachelor of Arts
Graphic and Digital Design — Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic and Digital Design — diploma
Graphic Design — minor
Halq’eméylem — graduate certificate
Halq’eméylem — graduate diploma
Health Care Assistant — certificate
Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation — certificate
History — Bachelor of Arts
Horticulture Crop Production and Protection — certificate
Human Resources Management — Continuing Education certificate
India-Canada Studies — certificate
Indigenous Maps, Films, Rights and Land Claims — certificate
Indigenous Studies — Bachelor of Arts
Integrated Learning Design — associate certificate
Integrated Pest Management Essentials — certificate
Integrated Studies — bachelor's degree
Integrated Studies, Applied Management concentration — bachelor's degree
Integrated Studies, Aviation theme — bachelor's degree
International and Development Studies — Associate of Arts
International Business — post-baccalaureate diploma
Kinesiology — bachelor's degree
Language Proficiency certificates
Latin American Studies — Bachelor of Arts
Legal Administrative Assistant — Continuing Education certificate
Liberal Arts — diploma
Library and Information Technology — diploma
Library Technician — post-diploma certificate
Livestock Production — certificate
LPN access to Nursing — Bachelor of Science
Management Skills for Supervisors — Continuing Education certificate
Marketing and Sales — certificate
Mathematics & Statistics — Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts
Media and Communication Studies — Associate of Arts
Media and Communication Studies — Bachelor of Fine Arts
Media and Communication — Bachelor of Arts
Media Arts — bachelor's degree
Media Literacy — certificate
Medical Office Assistant — Continuing Education certificate
Migration and Citizenship — graduate certificate
Migration and Citizenship — graduate diploma
Milker Technician — certificate
Mindfulness-Based Teaching and Learning — graduate certificate
Nursing Unit Clerk — Continuing Education certificate
Nursing — Bachelor of Science
Paralegal — Continuing Education certificate
Paralegal — Continuing Education diploma
Peace and Conflict Studies — Bachelor of Arts
Philosophy — Bachelor of Arts
Physical Geography — Bachelor of Science
Physics — Bachelor of Science
Plumbing and Piping — certificate
Political Science — Bachelor of Arts
Power Line Technician
Practical Nursing
Professional Communication Essentials — certificate
Professional Sales — minor
Program Evaluation — graduate certificate
Psychology — Bachelor of Arts
Public Relations — Continuing Education certificate
Records Management — Continuing Education certificate
Regional and Community Planning — bachelor's degree
School and Community Support Worker — certificate
Science — Associate of Science
Science — Bachelor of Science
Social Service Worker — diploma
Social Work — Bachelor of Social Work
Social Work — Master of Social Work
Sociology — Bachelor of Arts
Stó:lō Studies — certificate
Teaching English as a Second Language — certificate
Theatre — Bachelor of Arts
Theatre — Bachelor of Fine Arts
Theatre — diploma
Trades Discovery program
Trades Management — Bachelor of Business Administration degree
Veterinary Administrative Assistant — Continuing Education certificate
Visual Arts — Bachelor of Fine Arts
Visual Arts — diploma
Welding — certificate
Workplace Education — associate certificate
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Bachelor of Media Arts

Prepare you for creative production in digital and interactive media, one of the fastest growing industries in B.C. today with UFV’s Bachelor of Media Arts.

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Gear up to work in high technology

Earn an engineering physics diploma in mechatronics and learn to connect sensors and circuits for emerging technologies that will revolutionize our world.

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Enter the booming field of electronics

Electronic circuits control everything in our world from traffic lights to satellites. That’s why skilled electronics technicians are in very high demand.

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