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Human Resources

Personal information changes

Change of address

Address changes can be submitted though myufv.

Legal Name change

If your name has been legally changed, please complete and submit a Personal Information Change (pdf) to the, with your legal name change document.  If you bring in the original, we will make a copy.    If you cannot locate your name change document, we will accept two pieces of government-issued ID in your new name.

Reverting to use birth surname

If you assume a spouse's last/family name, you can choose to revert to the use of your birth/family name at any time.  To change your name complete and submit a Personal Information Change (pdf) to the  If you have not previously used your birth/family name at UFV,  please provide your marriage certificate and birth certificate or Canadian Citizenship Certificate to prove the link between the two last/family names.

Changing Preferred Name

You also may add a preferred name to your employee record by submitting Personal Information Change (pdf); no government-issued ID is required. 

Update to gender identity

If you wish to update the gender associated with your employee record, please complete and submit a completed Personal Information Change (pdf) to


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