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Tuition waiver

As a permanent employee, if you, your spouse/partner, and/or your dependents plan to enroll in a course or courses at UFV, the tuition waiver program offers you the opportunity to apply to have the course fees waived.

As a UFV employee you are eligible for:

  • Any one university credit course per semester.
  • One additional university credit course per semester provided no fee-paying student is displaced.

You must submit the tuition waiver request one week prior to the day classes begin each semester as published by the Office of the Registrar at If you withdraw from a course and a penalty is assessed, you are responsible for paying that penalty.

Tuition waiver amounts will be applied one week following the first day of classes. Please check your student account at that time to see the final amount of fees due.

Click here to complete the Tuition Waiver Request Form.

Frequently asked questions

If you are granted a tuition waiver under either of the above categories, this does not include entitlement to pursue a course or courses during your regular working hours. Requests for leaves or for flexible hours arrangements need to be pursued through the normal processes, beginning with your supervisor.

  • Spouse/partner: may be eligible for a tuition waiver applied to any one university credit course per semester, provided no fee-paying student is displaced. 
  • Dependent(s): may be eligible for a tuition waiver applied to up to five university credit courses per semester, provided no fee-paying student is displaced. 

The waiver does not include fees for ancillary, Student Union Society, the Cascade Newspaper or the application for admission. Spouse/partner and dependents must also pay the registration deposit fee. If the waiver is granted, this fee will be refunded. If your partner/spouse or dependents withdraws from a course or courses, they are responsible for any refund penalties assessed. 

Your partner/spouse or dependents are responsible for paying outstanding balances on their student account by the fee payment deadline each semester, whether or not a waiver is granted.

  • Continuing Education courses or programs and cost recovery programs are not eligible for tuition waiver.
  • Courses that are part of Limited Enrolment Cohort programs, unless there are spaces available in the program after all qualified fee-paying applicants have been registered.
  • UFV Trades Programs are eligible for waivers only as approved on an individual application basis. The dean may make a decision to grant a waiver within the first week of classes provided no enrolled or waitlisted fee-paying applicant will be displaced as a result.

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