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Human Resources

Staff evaluation

The purposes of evaluations are:

  1. To provide employees with information that will enable them to monitor and improve job skills and effectiveness, and to identify opportunities for growth.
  2. To confirm an employee's suitability for reappointment or continuing appointment.

Please refer to article 13 of the collective agreement for additional information.

Evaluation process for permanent type A staff


Probationary performance evaluation

Probationary staff employees will be evaluated twice during the probationary period as follows:

  1. Initial-912 hour probation
  • Prior to the completion of six months (912 hours) of the probationary period, the supervisor will complete the 912-hour evaluation form and arrange a meeting to review this document with the employee.
  1. Initial 1824-hour probation
  • The second and final evaluation during the probationary period will occur no later than 30 days before the end date of the probationary period.

Post probationary performance evaluation

After completion of the probationary period, staff employees will be evaluated every two (2) years.

Instructions and information can be found in the 1824-hour probation & regular two-year cycle performance evaluation information‌.

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