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Human Resources

Staff educational leave

As a permanent staff (type A) you are eligible for educational leaves to upgrade skills and knowledge, adapt to new work methods and procedures, and to prepare for career advancement within UFV.

Three years of continuous service allow you to apply for a short-term leave (one semester), and five years of continuous service make you eligible for a long-term leave (two semesters).

This is a limited fund; therefore, you must submit an application with a detailed education plan, realistic goals, and a reporting system. The plan must be clearly linked to your professional background and career development at UFV.

Application process


Complete application form

Complete the Staff Educational Leave Application Form 2024/2025


Submit application by annual deadline

Email the completed application to or drop it off at the Human Resources office (Abbotsford campus, A288) by October 31. Applications are processed in the fall semester preceding the academic year in which the educational leave occurs.


Application review

Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified if it has been approved or denied.

Frequently asked questions

While on educational leave, you will receive one hundred percent (100%) of your full base pay. Your UFV tuition will also be covered through tuition waivers.

Yes, as long as you have completed three years of continuous employment with UFV since the end of your most recent short-term leave period or six years since the end of your most recent long-term leave period.  

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