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Requesting & reporting leaves

University of the Fraser Valley has moved to a new web-based leaves reporting system for sick, special and vacation leaves.  With the exception of those faculty members who take vacation during faculty vacation period, all other leaves will be reported via the leave reporting system.  The leave process is a two-step process:

  • Step 1 - submit a leave request for pre-approval of leave.
    • Leave requests close on the first day of the reporting period.
  • Step 2 - During the reporting period, submit a leave report for leave already taken.

For additional information please refer to the user guides and how to videos listed below.  


How to log into leave reporting

Log onto the Banner Self Service system

  • User name: email address
  • Password: network password

Go to Leave Reporting System


User Guides

For employees

For approvers

Frequently asked questions

Requests are required to allow for preplanning of vacation and to ensure coverage is available to meet department needs. 

Plans can change and reports are submitted for actual hours taken.  Only one report can be submitted for all leaves taken. Once a report is approved your leave balance will be reduced

Leave requests are for preplanning of leaves and may not be taken.  Therefore, the system does not deduct until the leave report (hours taken) are submitted.  

You will need to contact the HR Compensation & Benefits Team. Note: you may access Banner 9 Self-Service while on leave.

No, system functionality does not allow a supervisor to submit or change reports.  

Leave reports will reduce your balance.  It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure they have adequate time available. Please see the videos provided for viewing leave balances and reviewing vacation balances to assist you in calculating your remaining leave balance.  

You can go to the request period and scroll through the calendar.

Supervisors are asked to create a proxy when they are away during the approval process.

We us position based approval process; the system will automatically move the approval up the chain.  One level above your current supervisor.

Yes, the system allows for multiple leave categories on the same day.  Select the day, enter the first earn code and hours, add earn code, select the second earn code, enter the hours.

The system is set up for the entire university, your departmental rules will remain in place.  Stat holidays have been indicated in the system.

You will need to notify your supervisor.  We are in the process of developing new system generated communications.  Notifying supervisors of changes is on our list.

You will see both of your positions listed.  You will be required to submit hours for each position for the hours taken.  The system will direct it to the appropriate supervisor.

The functionality of the system does not allow for dual approvers.  The HR, Senior Advisors have verified the single reporting structure within your area. 

You will see leaves that you are eligible for, however certain leaves require additional approval.  Once approved by your supervisor; our HR Compensation & Benefits Team will verify your request meets the criteria.  If yes, your accrual will be adjusted accordingly.  If not, your supervisor will be contacted.

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