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Sick leave

Sick and Short-Term Disability leave (STDL) is a form of income protection against injury or illness which would otherwise result in income loss.

You are eligible to receive sick and/or STDL benefits upon commencement of service with UFV. If you require an absence or medical accommodation related to temporary or permanent medical limitations that impact your ability to function in the workplace, please inform your supervisor and contact the Health & Disability coordinator who will provide you with support, guidance, and consultation.

Sick leave procedure


Inform your supervisor of your absence

Contact your supervisor/manager directly on the date prior to your absence from work and notify them of your expected date of return.


Record sick via the leaves reporting system

Record sick leave via the leaves reporting system for every absence during the reporting period (do not submit to the end of the reporting period). Within 5 days of the reporting period end date submit the sick leave report.


Complete a doctor's certificate

If you are absent for more than four (4) consecutive days or more, have your physician complete a doctor's certificate. This is the only format of medical note that is accepted.

Note: If you are absent for five (5) days or more, with no return in the immediate future, you will be referred to the Early Intervention Support Program (EISP).

Frequently asked questions

Permanent employees become eligible for sick and/or Short-Term Disability leave (STDL) benefits upon commencement of service with UFV. Temporary employees (over 50%) are eligible for sick leave only. All other categories of employees are ineligible for sick or STDL benefits.

A full-time permanent employee is eligible for a total of 30 workdays of coverage at 100% of the employee's applicable rate of pay. Eligible part-time employees are covered on a pro-rata basis. When the 30 days of sick leave have been used, permanent employees are eligible for a total of 64 workdays of coverage at 70% of the employee's applicable rate of pay. 

Any time you have questions, concerns or comments regarding sick leave, return to work, or medical accommodation, you are encouraged to contact your supervisor, email or call the Health & Disability coordinator or the Faculty & Staff Association.

Medical documentation may be required at any time in case of illness or injury. However, a UFV doctor's certificate‌ is required for all sick leave absences greater than four (4) consecutive workdays. This is the only format of medical note that is accepted. 

If you're likely to be off work for five (5) consecutive workdays or more, or if you require a medical accommodation, either you or your supervisor should contact the Health & Disability coordinator. This early contact will greatly assist in providing employees and departments with the appropriate support. 

For all absences greater than five working days and for medical accommodation requests, you will be referred to the Early Intervention Support Program (EISP). Manulife Financial is UFV's provider for the EISP. You will be teamed up with an EISP team member who will support you during your leave and/or medical accommodation.

Forms required for completion are the UFV doctor's certificateManulife abilities management access forms — Employee declaration (ED) & attending physician's statement (APS)

Log onto the leaves system and on your employee dashboard you will see your balance. Click full leave balance information for additional details.

Please advise your physician, supervisor and/or Health & Disability coordinator if your illness/injury is related to an ICBC or WorkSafeBC incident.

All occupational and non-occupational absences and accommodations are medically managed by Manulife Financial. Therefore, you will be referred to the Early Intervention Support Program (EISP). If work-related, please ensure you have completed the Risk & Safety incident report.

The UFV doctor's certificate should be provided to the Health & Disability coordinator. The Manulife Attending Physician's Statement (APS) and the Employee Declaration (ED) can be emailed to Manulife's Vancouver group disability at Vancouver_group_disability_claims@manulife.ca or faxed to their Vancouver office at 1-866-413-3582.

The cost for completion of medical forms is the responsibility of the employee. If you have funds available, you may process the cost of the forms through the Health Spending Account claim form.

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