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Tenure and promotion

Whether you are in the early or advanced stage of your academic career you will find all the tools and resources to help you navigate the path towards tenure and/or promotion at the University of the Fraser Valley (UFV).

Process for candidates, Deans, and Review Committee Members

There are several resources available to faculty applying for tenure and/or promotion, designed to familiarize candidates with the UFV tenure and promotion procedures and provide guidance on how to prepare, compile and format the tenure and promotion dossier.

Guidelines and supporting documents have also been developed to assist all academic staff, including Deans and Administrators, who participate in the evaluation and review of applications for tenure and/or promotion at UFV.

Prepare for tenure and promotion
Understand the tenure-track cycle


Upcoming deadlines


April – May

Members who are planning to apply for tenure and/or promotion attend and information session on Process and Rights, and Workshop on compiling the Dossier.


June 10

Last day for candidates applying for tenure and/or promotion (including those applying for early tenure) to withdraw their applications.

Last day for candidates applying for tenure and/or promotion to send formal letter of application to their DRC Chair and upload their Dossier to secure folder on MS Teams.

Last day for candidates applying for promotion to Professor to submit the names of two (2) external reviewers to their Deans.



For questions regarding tenure and promotion and/or to discuss the specifics of your application, please email Lisa Bavington at

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