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Human Resources

Tuition assistance

The university recognizes the value of general education for its employees. In order to encourage and support the pursuit of education, article 24.4 of the collective agreement allows employees to apply for additional tuition funds if they have already expended their in-service professional development fund and their training & development allowance towards tuition for their approved professional development activity.

Permanent non-probationary faculty or staff are eligible to apply to the tuition assistance program. Tuition assistance funds granted to faculty can be used for masters or Ph.Ds, and funding for staff can be used for accredited post-secondary programs such as certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters. Faculty and staff may also use the tuition assistance funds for program-related required books.

Application process


Develop an education plan

Develop an education plan with specific outcomes and/or goals to achieve a university accredited program.


Create an application package

Include the following information in your application package:

  • Program of study
  • Progress in the program, and how close you are to completion
  • Value to the University of the Fraser Valley and to you personally
  • How much funding you are requesting
  • How many years you are requesting support for
  • Any other points you feel are relevant (maximum one page)
  • Letters of support from your supervisor, department head, and dean

Submit application package

Submit completed application package to Human Resources by emailing it to in-service_pd@ufv.ca.

Frequently asked questions

Permanent type B faculty and type A staff can access a maximum of $3,000 per fiscal year (April 1st to March 31st) prorated to their workload percentage.

If you don’t complete your approved education plan or if you become unemployed by the university within one year from the end of the fiscal year in which funds were awarded, you will be required to reimburse UFV for the support you received from the tuition assistance fund that year.

For more information or assistance, contact Nancy Scarrow by email or by phone at 604-557-4065.

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