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Service Excellence Award Criteria

Thank you for considering a nomination for the UFV Service Excellence Awards

Award winners will be recognized at an annual employee recognition event, and receive a monetary prize. Please review the following criteria before beginning the nomination process. Nomination packages must be submitted by February 22, 2019.


UFV Staff Excellence Award

The Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff members of UFV who have demonstrated excellence in their service to the University.  Through their exemplary professionalism and achievements, they have supported their colleagues in advancing the mission and goals of the University. 

Recipients will have met a number of the following criteria:

  • They have excelled in the fulfillment of their assigned roles and responsibilities, frequently exceeding expectations;
  • They demonstrate Initiative, creativity, and resourcefulness in their work;
  • They are directly responsible for improvements in the ways they do their work and manage their areas of responsibility;
  • They exhibit the highest standards of professionalism, commitment, integrity, and accountability in their work;
  • They demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of colleagues by supporting their needs and professional development, and contributing significantly to the development of a positive, respectful work environment;
  • They exhibit and promote commitment to the values, vision, and goals of the University and the division where they work.

Past award winners:

2018 Staff Excellence Award winner: Karen Power

2017 Staff Excellence Award winner: Cherish Forster

2016 Staff Excellence Award winner: Jill Smith


UFV Inspirational Leadership Award

The Inspirational Leadership Award recognizes UFV staff (FSA & Exempt) and faculty members noted for their inspirational leadership and support of others in the service of the University’s mission and goals.  They are known for their leadership-by-example and for the ways they engage, empower and promote the achievements of colleagues. 

Recipients will have met a number of the following criteria:

  • They model the highest standards of professionalism, commitment, integrity, and accountability in their own work;
  • They lead, not by authority, but by example and through encouragement  and inspiration for the benefit of others;
  • They promote a culture of respect, dignity, fairness, and trust;
  • They facilitate dialogue, the sharing of ideas, and collaboration toward shared purposes;
  • They energize those working with them, inspiring engagement and shared vision;
  • They foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration in the work of others;
  • They champion the work of others above their own;
  • They demonstrate genuine care and support for the career and personal development of others; 

Past award winners:

2017 Inspirational Leadership Award Winner: Liana Thompson

2016 Inspirational Leadership Award Winner: Samantha Pattridge


UFV Teamwork Award

The UFV Teamwork Award recognizes teams who exemplify best practices of collegial, supportive and effective collaboration in the service of the mission and goals of the University.  

Recipients will have met a number of the following criteria:

  • The team will have made an important and notable contribution to the achievement of the mission and goals of the University;
  • The team will have a reputation for collegiality and respectful collaboration that builds on individual and shared strengths;
  • The team will be recognized for the way in which diversity in its membership has contributed to the success of the team;
  • The team will exemplify the best practices of shared leadership, cooperation, respect for diversity, and accountability;
  • The success of the team will be championed by all its members, rather than the contributions or achievements of specific members.

Past award winners:

2018 Teamwork award: Sexualized Violence Prevention team

2017 Teamwork award: Global Lounge

2016 Teamwork award: Green UFV


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